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EFCO EF 106 J/17,5 H

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SKU: EF 106 J/17,5 H

EFCO EF 106 J/17,5 H

Professional garden tractors with rear discharge for large areas

Featuring an excellent combination of strength, long-term reliability and appreciable cutting and loading capacity, these garden tractors are ideal for discerning operators who have to work large expanses of land for long hours.
  • Deck made of pressed steel (106 models) or reinforced aluminium (124 models).
  • Pedal-operated Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmission allows the driver to keep hold of the steering wheel at all times, for better control and safety.
  • Clutch pedal release is fluid-controlled, eliminating the risk of unexpected and potentially hazardous changes in speed.
  • Models 106 J/17,5 H e 106 J/18 H equipped with “changeover” system: a handy lever allows the operator to close off the discharge tunnel, switching the machine automatically from collection to mulching mode.
  • New reinforced steering system ensures maximum manoeuvrability with minimal operator effort.
  • Mulching kit available as optional for remaining 106 models.
  • 124 model features Automat system designed to shut off the blades automatically as soon as the bag is full.
  • All models equipped with electromagnetic clutch operating the 2 contra-rotating blades directly from the dashboard; cutting height adjustable through 6 positions.
  • Maximum ergonomic benefits for the operator thanks to spacious internal layout, pedals with non-slip surface, adjustable seat and neatly arranged controls all within easy reach.
  • The bag is emptied directly from the driving position.
Wide 16” wheels, designed with a special tyre tread that will not damage the grass.
Wide 16” wheels, designed with a special tyre tread that will not damage the grass.

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