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Stiga Titan 540D Ride On Lawnmower (Excluding Deck)

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SKU: titian540

Whether you are looking after a large estate, caravan park, hospital or golf course you can be sure that the work you have to do continues throughout the year even after the grass cutting has slowed down or stopped. The Stiga Titan is a uniquely versatile machine easily adapted for snow clearing, sweeping and moving material around your site without compromising its excellent grass cutting performance.


The cutter decks fitted to the Stiga Titan range will produce a perfectly clipped healthy lawn in wet and dry conditions without the need for grass collection.  The chassis design incorporates permanent 4WD with an articulated steering system unique to Stiga to deliver outstanding manoeuvrability and stability in restricted and sloping areas, whilst cutting at up to 15km/h when areas are open and flat.


Because our unique chassis design steers from the centre point between the front and rear axles, you can be confident that any obstacle that you have passed with the cutter deck will also be passed safely by the rear of the machine.  Imagine how important this is when working in caravan parks or cemeteries, or amongst expensive newly planted trees on a golf course.


Stiga Titan cutter decks are very flexible too; height of cut can be adjusted from the driving seat on all models allowing you to easily adapt the machine to changing conditions. All cutter decks can be safely lifted without the need for any tools, so that they can be properly cleaned and blades checked, and if the grass is long you can take the strain off the engine and PTO system by selecting rear discharge. The three DOD (discharge on demand) cutter decks, can convert from mulching to rear discharge simply by operating a lever on the control console.


All Stiga Titans are powered by the latest Yanmar water-cooled diesel engines.  All models are Euro 2 compliant and range from the 3 cylinder Yanmar 3TNV76, to the 3 cylinder Yanmar 3TNV82A fitted to the Stiga Titan 740D.


Each of the versatile Titan models can easily be adapted to all sorts of out of season work; no tools are required to convert this machine to a sweeper, snow clearer, grit spreader or even a front loader for moving soil or bark mulch around your site. All models have a fast transport speed (up to 20km/h on the Titan 740D) with none of the instability normally associated with driving ride on mowers on the road. ROPS approved roll-over bars and factory fitted cabs with air conditioning are available and all models are fitted with a large 40 litre fuel tank ensuring that you don’t need to re-fuel during your working day.


The Stiga Titan is an excellent large ride on mower. The finish that it produces rivals that of a cylinder mower without the significant maintenance costs associated with that type of machine.  It's zero tail-swing manoeuvrability is unique and the ability of the cutter decks to follow extreme undulations makes it ideal for coping with the steep ridges and furrows often found on parkland and golf courses.

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